The Advantage of APT Custom IC

ASIC digital
The Safest IP protection
ASIC digital
Optimized Design Suitable Process
ASIC digital
Trade Secrets Invisible
ASIC digital
IC & PCB size Minimization
ASIC digital
Better Electrical Performance
ASIC digital
ASIC digital
MP Efficiency↑
ASIC digital
The Master of
Signal Process

Successful Case

Hi-Voltage Analog Switch IC
Light Dimming Controller
Optical sensor IC

CCFL/HID Controller
VFD Motor Controller
ASIC for BLDC motors

Full/Half Bridge Rectifier IC
Proximity Sensing IC

Process Abilities

  • BCD
  • BiCMOS
  • Bipolar
  • SOI
  • 5V~700V processes with 1.0um or 2.5um technologies
  • 0.9V~5.5V core voltage with 65nm~0.5um technologies
  • Automotive grade
  • RF-CMOS with up to 20GHz

Special Options

  • Embedded memories, OTPs
  • Embedded inductors
  • MEMS process
  • FPGA design develop
  • System-in-Package (SiP)
  • Commission Research
  •  others

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