First Step on Custom IC

Full Custom IC Design

Although everything is difficult to begin with, the common memory of all successful people in drafting the founding date is, Fortunately, I took the first step back then, even if I have forgotten how I stepped on it or stepped awkwardly. Have you ever thought that that step has now become a big step for the industry, and competitors can only look forward to it.

First Step on Custom IC

  If you have a clear development idea and plan, you can speed up the ASIC development process. Even if there is only a preliminary concept, it doesn’t matter, just contact us and we will help guide you to think and complete the development and production step by step. The most important point is that before conducting detailed technical discussions, both parties must sign an NDA confidentiality agreement. Please rest assured that this is to prevent customers’ valuable ideas from being leaked, and also to protect Yade’s ASIC development experience and know- How and know-why were outflowed. Here are some customized cases of Yade counseling. If the type of IC you want to develop is not among them, it is normal. These are the expiration of the confidential period and the consent of Yade customers can be disclosed. Anyone who wants to know or want to confirm you You are welcome to ask about the feasibility of the concept.

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Successful Case

Hi-Voltage Analog Switch IC
Light Dimming Controller
Optical sensor IC

CCFL/HID Controller
VFD Motor Controller
ASIC for BLDC motors

Full/Half Bridge Rectifier IC
Proximity Sensing IC

Process Abilities

  • BCD
  • BiCMOS
  • Bipolar
  • SOI
  • 5V~700V processes with 1.0um or 2.5um technologies
  • 0.9V~5.5V core voltage with 65nm~0.5um technologies
  • Automotive grade
  • RF-CMOS with up to 20GHz

Special Options

  • Embedded memories, OTPs
  • Embedded inductors
  • MEMS process
  • FPGA design develop
  • System-in-Package (SiP)
  • Commission Research
  •  others

↓ I have Custom IC Demand ↓

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